You will see two separate links on the page with each selection. If you are ready to BUY the item, or if you simply have a QUESTION about it, click on the appropriate link. You will get a pop-up email form. Copy the Item NAME and NUMBER into the subject line and let us know how we can help.

Under the BUY THIS ITEM link, simply tell us your name, address (where you want the item shipped) and your preferred payment method (Check, Money Order, PayPal). This will hold the item for you. Once payment has cleared, your purchase will be on its way within 72 hours.

Since our items are generally one-of-a-kind, there is a small possibility the item you wish to purchase is on hold for another customer. We try to make that known on the site as soon as possible, but sometimes we just aren't fast enough! In the unlikely event that the item is on Hold, we will let you know immediately, and keep your request on hand in case it becomes available. If you see that an item is listed as ON HOLD and you are still interested, go ahead and let us know. We work on a first come, first serve basis and things do go wrong, so let us get you on the waiting list right away!

Remember that you must use the BUY THIS ITEM link to be put on the waiting list OR to have an Item put on Hold. Asking questions does NOT hold the item.