"Nearer My God to Thee"

The story of the Wreck of
the Titanic

This is a fantastic book chronicling the sinking of the Titanic by the survivors
of the disaster and it carries a 1912 copyright date as well as being identified on the cover as a "Memorial Edition."
It is illustrated throughout with photographs and drawings made expressly for this edition.

It contains the stories told by the survivors, detailed information about the ship, lists of the passengers who went down with her, testimony following the disaster and many photographs of the people who were there.

It is a fine copy, bound in red cloth over board with a pasted illustration on the cover. The pages appear to all be present although aged with just a few chipped and torn.

This is a very RARE book, not only because of its age at close to 90 years, but a unique glimpse into the terror of that fateful night in the North Atlantic in April 1912.

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