Vogue Toddles
Fairy Godmother

Near mint in box

This is Vogue's little Fairy Godmother from the Cinderella Group. She is all jointed composition, and is in wonderful condition, with a five-piece toddler body. She was made in 1942-43 produced during World War II.

She is 7 1/2" tall and wears her original pink dotted Swiss gown with attached slip; pantaloons and satin panniers, matching cap, white socks, pink slippers with "Fairy Godmother" stamped on left sole. She is marked DOLL CO on her back. She has painted blue side-glancing eyes, painted brows and lashes, orange rosebud mouth, blushed cheeks, and tosca mohair wig over molded hair.

This is quite a collector's piece whose original retail price of only $.89 in 1942 has increased tremendously over the years and is hovering very near $500 today. She is a rare and hard to find doll, especially in this condition. A must for any Vogue Ginny or Toddles collection!

Price: 425.00

Item 5: DLVO1643

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