23" AM Floradora

Owned by Great Niece of General Robert E. Lee

Here is a delicate beauty with quite a history. I obtained this doll from a lady who had obtained it from an elderly gentleman in Atlanta who was the husband of the great niece of General Robert E. Lee. The doll's clothing is made from her wedding dress. Attached to the dress was a short note that speaks of this history and is the only authentication I had of the history presented to me.

The doll features an open mouth, teeth, and brown glass eyes. The body is kid leather and is in delicate condition, with one tear behind a knee that needs to be reinforced. Her hands have chips and are missing most of the thumbs on both hands. One arm is replaced. The dress does have a few tears in the lace.

The bisque head is in good condition with no cracks or repairs. All is restorable if you are so inclined, but historically, I believe I would have her remain as she is. Her most appealing feature is the wig. Made of human hair, it has a braid that is very, very intricate and very, very long. I don't know if the hair also belonged to the great niece, but it is quite possible. It's really a lovely doll.

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