Buddy Huggable

American Toy and Novelty Oilcloth Face

Attention all you Raggedy Ann and Andy collectors! Here is something you don't want to miss! This little guy is really elusive today and extremely hard to find. He is the Buddy Huggable doll made by the American Toy and Novelty Company in the 1940's. He has a rough cotton body and a painted oilcloth face.

Large white circles surround his black pie wedge eyes with a single stroke eyebrow painted high above them. His triangle nose is outlined in black and with painted stitches. His long black smiling mouth is interrupted in the middle with a slash of red with a space on either side.

He is 15" long and has gingham plaid legs with solid light blue forward facing feet. His shirt is part of his body and is pink, burgundy, green and beige with stripes and polka dots. His hair is sparse but what he has is auburn. And even though he is missing his removable pants, he still has his little hat!

Buddy is in extremely good condition, no rips or loose seams. Mint dolls go for $600 and up if you can find one. Some minor surface staining and aging but otherwise in great condition. This is a really rare little guy and would be a wonderful addition to any cloth doll collection!

Price: 325.00

Item 3: DLAM1140

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